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The earliest examples of Majolica were Hispano Moresque lustre

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There are several classes of general paralysis with syphilitic histories

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Dr. Germont and Dr. Loir, who were sent to Australia on ))ehalf of M.

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rated. The investigations upon the size of the heart and rapidity of the cir-

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in a sufficient number of cases to enable me to make

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connection with universities properly so called, or the con-

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Died — James C. Neilson, M.D., of Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 15, 1874,

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formerly. The intellectaal powers appeared to fail gradually, and the patient became '* unre-

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numerous modifications under which we meet with the doctrines of de-

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at first, a transparent liquid which afterward becomes opaline, but not

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When recruiting physicians, they often state or strongly

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curred ; and that in 33 per cent, of the houses in which it did

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poses them more contracted in the cold stage, and therefore

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would take into consideration the desirability of taking steps

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(527-567 A. D.), acting under the narrow-minded advice of

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his wife, brooding over the addition of twins, and the order to go abroad

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chyme, and thus preparing the way for pancreatic activ-

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to the children, especially during their school age, when

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be placed in the bath at a temperature of ninety-eight degrees F., and the

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tions with certain other nervons diseases, more especially ^ilepsy, hj8ten<

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jaoet, Thomas Bond, Jr., of Philadelphia. Died July 17, 1793."

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burnt, but not one of those who undertook this digusting work

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leucocytes of the blood. Such solution is produced by

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conferred upon them — Dr. John Macintyre, Bath Street,

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"resolution means anything, it means that a man may believe in

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half years ago. Anterior and posterior splints for three

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verse portion of the arch of the aorta, the left bronchus,

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where there is so much hemorrhage from the rupture as to make it necessary to

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