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grateful to him, although it does not seem to afford any relief

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back directed to the left, the limbs to the lower and right. Auscultation showed

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become adherent to each other ; and, though the rotatory

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resolution have failed to arrest their progress, an operation should be had

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Fig. 182. Fibre cells and fibres from the pulpy interior of a polypus removed by

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was put on a wet nurse and has had breast milk ever

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health in unnecessary operations for a thing that is not

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was still under treatment. The speaker was now stretching the

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Quarterly Rpt, 1st Qtr 1945, Enl Pers Br Mil Pers Div


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Case 5. — tiiiiislint nf km, li,/ rii;,fli,t R,;ini iii/tiiii, ixdiber .Jfii. ■wifhiji'iietrutiini uf

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through contagion ; and the contagion is not spread

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exists is moved to live under bcttere.l conditions,

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Grassi and Callandrucio (1888c). According to Magalhaes, the large

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treated case of malaria becomes chronic. Wherever a chronic case is

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so well known that repetition of them here is unnecessary. In

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would never purchase their beef from that quarter ; and the

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ion for the Bureau the past year was $1,250,000. There

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mistaken it for primary meningitis if the more or less tardy appearance of the

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The line of descent represents the arterial movements from the cessation

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stomach," when a dyspeptic friend sees another follow-

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As a result of a careful study of this subject, Moschcowitz

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dose of a similar preparation give rise to poisonous symptoms

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tumour made its extirpation necessary, which was successfully per-

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by the introducion of a strip of gauze. The raw surfaces are not covered with

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units which compose the Medical Department force, for it must not be

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casein, gelatin, etc., the rate at which nitrogenous equilibrium is again

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then the causes of anchylosis must depend upon pathological con-

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from the liquor serum taking place gradually, and requiring many

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