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(ifiliot lioro indii-atotl. Without it huccoss \h not possiblo. I'or-

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J^ ^ 'levelopeii, the most thoroughly etiuippM and the most practical

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of the ilium. This can be best made out by seizing the bone by the

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6. The Preventible Causes of Epidemic Disease. By W. J. Cox,

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and fancy dishes deluged with s»veet sauces — en-

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facts, this map projects its contour lines; seeks to

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for Diet," which deals with infants' foods is replete

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of medical fees is to be exercised by the Russian Gov-

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of the sclerotic was noticed, especially near the corneal margin. The

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rations made from the expressed juice, a method apparently suc-

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<M)odition is one of simple passive hyperiemia. There

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in the waUs of a blood-yessel, it had been supposed to originate

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liter of urine. The standard is arranged to suspend a large

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— to put together synthetically — the more complex

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count every step, you will make long journey of it.” So let

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perforation of the dura mater under such circumstances.

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Moor's original article, and then his reply to ray article,

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these advantages, are no less characteristic features of this

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the effect of disease ; any spot or tract of abnor-

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Toast two or three pieces of hard bread to a good brown color by placing

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which they can do various kinds of practical work under com-

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examining fingers from the root of the foetal nose anteriorly

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of the lack of the HC1 secretion, which products, through their toxicity, gave rise to

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ure and had little sleep, but next day appeared none the

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est attached to the extramural causation of gastro-

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edges thin, dull red, undermined, and irregularly outlined, with

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not occur until the moment when it would have occurred without the extrasystole.

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