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over a certain area you will find the medulla completely

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Dysphagia presents numerous varieties, according as there may be an isolated

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Minn., 1899, 1,430-432,— Bezold (F.) Die Verschliessung

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case when an individual remains out of tone or goes off colour, even

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other remedies is an excellent one and has the indorse-

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living in Paris in 1830. Each head was baptised under a separate name. I

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some lung or other antecedent trouble. In only 7 per cent, of

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methods have been adopted for separating the head from the trunk. (1)

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be inii.,r!ied. '!"l|o-e fri m vvhitli .i purulent discharge emerges are

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fever ; and at the end of a year the cui-e remained

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ymptoms of exhaustion. The decubitus was mainly on the side,

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tinguish the different myelites which are called sys-

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understand the underlying principle if common-sense treat-

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leged discovery, had been present at the first capital

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intervals ever since. Any shaking, as riding in a cart or automobile,

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prevailed chiefly among adalts, or those of fifteen years and upwards, but

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probabihty, whether death from suffocation has taken place or no.

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therefore, the work, functional and voluntary, performed by our organs

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placental margin. Almost at the spot where the artery leaves the cord

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that hospital stewards, even, often gave it. The se-

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in nutrition by the use of proper nervine supports.

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cases of operation for the removal of goitre. In the first sixty cases

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ulceration and exudation. Experiment offers the ex-

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gested, and serum was effused in large quantity in the sub-arachnoidean spaces, at the

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result in a cure. I believe the hip elevation an aid in treatment and worthy

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statements, indeed, are too absolute, but the symptom is undoubtedly often

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The natural sequel to the dermatitis is the exfoliation of the

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cases the prostatic urethra is more or less damaged if not entirely

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in origin, that are heard during the middle third of the diastole.

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Par. 1895, xii. p. 312. 152. CIRINCIONE and MIRTO. La psichiatria, la neuropatologia,

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