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Post, of New York, read a paper on deformities of face and

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aspiration into previously unaffected portions of lung.

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and the })atient had an apathetic appearance, but with all was cheerful,

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high blood pressure ; that the cause (the uric acid) being removed

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in the tumor; (3) when the position of the fibroids makes it probable

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and the various descriptions of meat I have instructed them to

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is applied after each tapping, and the condition producing

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with the water at 85° F. may also be used. Children, as a rule, however,

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per cent, who received mental benefit as a result of the surgical

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in proof of the statement that it is prone to follow consanguineous

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the same class. It has been referred to the effects of cold and moistme,

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F. A. Davis, M.D., has been appointed Instructor in Physi-

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until neither auscultation, nor percussion nor even the examina-

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begins to cool stir in the carbolic ariil. The addition of tho

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have been reported.* As a further evidence that the disease may be

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editorials or other articles when signed bv the author.

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the general accidents which produce death after Surgical

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powers as to be unable to walk one block to the hospital from

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from whom he had removed the scapula five weeks pre-

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fever, states that in urotropin we have a drug which will in the vast

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vers, 1897. lix, 159. — Vf-nncinan (K.) Tumeurde I'orbite

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communications made to the late Dr. Beddoes gave rise,

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(especially those in this city) will be given, and the

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under treatment all three have made apparently very complete recov-

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North America will come in contact especially \ ilh the fat tapeworm

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March 14, he felt better in the morning and ate a good breakfast.

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lack of critical rigor with which new diagnostic and

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nasal spine to the anterior edge of the scar is sixteen centimetres.

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intervals. Furnished in syringes, vials and Hypo-Units.

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and repeatedly clearing from the intestine this highly toxic bile

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which is given by Mr. Lawrence in his recently pub-

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