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indeed, both appear to have begun these operations about the

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the pulsatile crepitation had been heard during life, there extended

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common, and the other for solemn occasions ; an idea directly

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in a short time was inevitable. Grave apprehensions were expressed that

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im movable, the only changes which are observed relating to the circula-

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average hospital charges were $4,807. The rest were

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things of me for the views then set forth. However scientific

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nay, even giving additional beauty to, a rather pleasing face.

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produce an epileptic attack, the change in the circulation

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tory interference of unilateral fixation of the diaphragm; for the

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" 1. Euchinin is as effective as quinine in malarial fever.

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who subsequently became Professor of Materia Medica in the

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treatment of pneumonia to depend very largely upon full doses of car-

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The two following cases (not my own), of which I quote the most

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clearness, for its learning and yet its clinical definiteness, for its complete-

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In another, and more aggravated form of the disorder, the

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histologic structure of these tumors was the same in all.

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being transferred to the medical department. When the dress-

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the last month, and the child had been nearly blind for the last five

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return to his station at latest by the middle of October, 1887.

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We now come to the subjects of visceral disturbances and of trophic

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rather an accompaniment than the cause of death. Of the affections, during

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lengthened with the key it was thus weakened, and had also to be

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In addition, recurrent gastro-intestinal catarrh is a frequent

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patient perseverance, attracted the notice, and earned the friendship of

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so prevented from protruding, and there a false or new joint might

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ifax, 1888-9, i, 57. — I>nbar(L.) Lipome de I'index de la

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gelatin is dissolved. After careful neutralization, the medium is al-

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cases of syphilis where we were dealing with destructive gummata,

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47. Ilopmann. Tagehlatt der 60. Versamml. deutscher Na-

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semitranslucent tissue. The tissue from the pylorus was

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Dr. McLaughlin moved that the report of the committee as adopted in Committee of

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Mrs M., aged 25, fourth pregnancy. On arrival the right arm

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non may be related to the production of lactic acid, as shown bj the

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used, and in some where its application is suitable it gives

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