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Veterminary Chloramphenicol Paste

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in which the local inflammation is severe. Salol, naphtol, strontium sali-

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applicable to their employment in chronic pulmonic tuberculosis, and

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kaemia is rare, and a purely myelogenous leukaemia is of doubtful occur-

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when very pronounced, even if it exist by itself, usually depends upon

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be more than three or four per cent. ; in armies and crowded prisons it

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The theory of transcortical aphasia rests chiefly upon disturbances

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gait is waddling, the pelvis rising and falling much more than is normal.

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corrosive sublimate (1 to 500) or of carbolic acid (1 to 200) to destroy

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there are such immediate distress and dyspnoea as to make it probable

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varying in degree, is almost constant, and may be limited to the right

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iliac fossa, and tenderness exists in the region of the appendix. Eenal

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disease is propagated by contagion, as it fixed itself in the locality tchere

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this part of the bowel, in case of need, from the nearest point, namely,

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Acute pyaemia runs a rapid course, but the cases grade into the chronic

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chloroform and Hoffmann's anodyne, always endangers aggravation of the

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discovered by Bollinger in 1877, and is considered by some authorities

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of the tongue, to push between the teeth a piece of flat cork or rubber

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Distinctly hysterical paroxysms are not rare. Neurasthenic vaso -motor

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within the limit of the full physiological dose should be administered three

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months, while chronic dysentery may be continued over a period of years.

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siderable part of undigested material, such as hair, thread, fruit-stones,

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of the disease ; second, the general treatment of the disease itself.

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salines is largely one of diagnosis. If the appendicitis is connected with

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general paralysis, but in the progress of the disease it gradually gives way

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the biting dog by the clothing of the bitten person : hence bites upon

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ation and so much apathy of the mucous membrane that Cayenne pepper

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veterminary chloramphenicol paste

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