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disappearance of these symptoms. After about six weeks of this
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obstinate nasal or pharyngeal catarrh, and we have in despair
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ventricular heart-block, partial or complete. In cases which
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tion in a more serious form than before. The sleeplessness, ob-
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weight has increased by 5 gm. Let stand overnight to
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strations to be made in our honor ? That then we might believe
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will help prevent the sediment being washed off during
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the Great War, the disease has been confined to endemic foci,
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plain agar slants. The presence of typical colonies
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(c) Sodium nitroferricyanide, freshly prepared saturated
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the patient's restlessness made the taking of it difficult and un-
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exactly the same. The ventricular complexes became more
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nausea. His cardiac symptoms were not reheved. His pulse
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silver catheter within the bladder, allowing the ends to press
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hence it is but little or not at all affected by the anti-typhoid serum derived
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of sugar in the urine has ranged between 1 and 4, and has been
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motor impulse being transmitted down the whole length of the
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on the sides of the chest or over the lower part of the abdomen and the
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insure complete spreading of section (40° to 50° C).
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its little jocular fling at homoeopathy, and even to notice from
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the same picture. The confusion is entirely due to the fact
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grew, until it was necessary to restrain her by force from falling out
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(3) systemic, where a lesion is counteracted by a complete readjustment
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oxygen inhalations administered. Artificial respiration often causes a
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of pauperism and crime of the survivors in succeeding gener-
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dyspnoea, which may be rapidly fatal, unless promptly relieved by suitable
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however, is not an absolutely reliable indication of the severity of a case,
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during the season treatment with minute amounts of June grass
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cemage error for the particular method (weight table or formula)
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(a) Antisera from roosters immunized against the PR8,

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