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Druggists ; of the Principal Chemists throughout the United Kiiit,''iom ; and Wholeiile of the Refiners,

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The other species is small, projecting above the surface, hard, broad, of a greenish

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study of the insane. Charcot, again, frequently im-

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advance, in which case both periodicals are sent by mail free of postage.

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the act which occasioned death. According to Starkie, ' it seems that in

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mittee was appointed to formulate and publish appro-

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of other parts of the intestine is much rarer than that of the rectum.

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and while it is said to have some dangers I have never had cause to

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buildings now on the estate, so that they can be used

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24 or 48 hours of the disease, recover more promptly and under

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followed, the diet consisting of milk, eggs, and soups. He concludes :

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the changes following the entrance of the spermatozoon into the ovum,

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typical hare-soup or coffee-ground-like vomit. If a large

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A suppurating prepatellar bursa had best be dissected out without

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where the weiglit of his body produces the injury of

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hydrate-free broth was used, since it gave equally as good results and

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would bave continued to think him a superior being, if he had not un-

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From February 6 to February 19, 80 eases had occurred—

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polycystic kidney, phthalein excretion of less than

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been at all times due to the presence of a very small quantity

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whether the tumors should be simply removed or whether the removal

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subacute inflammation, differing from the acute form of the disease obN

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due to infection the integrity of the articular outlines

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by a people with the grade of knowledge possessed by the

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