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the unstained preparations to have a chitinous support (ax.), is a

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this parasite, it is not quite certain whether its correct name is Trwhmella spiralis

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1886 f. — Sur le Balantidium coli, parasite commun au pore et h I'homme. [Read

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were found in irregular cylindrical columns which ex-

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It is in the sacculated stomach of monkeys of this genua

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tinued during his lifetime if he wished to avoid future trouble.

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from dic^dithiaais, with irilich it is associated in the majority of coses.

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root is preferred in Germany ; the dose is somewhat less.

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the cases in which intracranial suppurative lesions, such as meningitis,

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found that the retro-peritoneal and mesenteric glands were

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talc, generally with the addition of a few drops of olive or

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veritable receptaculum for mucus, food, and unhealthy

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Nodules in the fat remain as circumscribed masses, sensitive to pressure, and

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practicable, of any error in the name, title, or address in

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est imaginable affinity for oxygen, is blood freshly drawn

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the preservation and promotion of health and deals,

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of scarlatina, is very high, ordinarily. In congestive fever, of every

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Resolved, "That the publication of individual papers in the

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North Carolina, that part that the people in the central part of the

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the incision, and after some difficulty, owing partly to the

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pian tubes has not abated, as is shown by a review of current

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frequently affected are those of the face, especially the

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the size of the resulting cavities, and the degree in which bronchiec-

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the lower classes of the population in the cities bordering the

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ache is constant and severe. The patient complains of great pain in the

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culty. Before the eruption appears, the attack cannot al-

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