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compartments, and the unhealthy condition of the atmosphere from this cause,

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treatment. But although very brilliant results may be obtained by active

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Body-surface law. — The search for suitable criteria has centered

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unspeakable boredom, which befalls nearly all prisoners of war. ^^'hile

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(1) The bridge of the nose is no longer "broad and flattened,"

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There occur, however, certain changes in the blood that

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week, ofiicers were elected as follows : President, Dr. Gusta-

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TRSATMEirr. — Hasmatogenous icterus does not require any par-

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There must be cure of the apoplectic clot or other lesion, and absence of

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instances they are those which rotate the atlas and skull upon the axis,

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The other species is small, projecting above the surface, hard, broad, of a greenish

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ities and differences t And how does this bill, if it becomes

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they may attack many regions ; as a rule, it is the muscles of the velum palati

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ing replies. Clause 9 really empowered any two bodies to

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as^ long as the fermentescible substance is kept free hno

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entitled to sixty days within which to answer, and the

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swallowing blood which has come with a rush from the respiratory

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Lowder forceps here exhibited. Like most British forceps of its day,

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not interfered with his studies or with his occupation,

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completely interrupting the circulation in the vessels to

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the disease. Parents would state that their children had

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organ — the kidney — has been transmitted through the spinal cord to

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(of Skoda, Wintrich, Zamminer, Gerhardt, Sr., and Eichhorst), which analyzed the

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ch. 13, §16; 1 Hale P. C. H., 34; 1 East P. C, 90; 3 Chitty

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restless, and, on attempting to arise, dizzy and nauseated.

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stroma of the tumour — both in the periphery and near the

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mal thickness. The right ventricle was also a little dilated ; its walls were more

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