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in place of advance to adult form ; (4,) Reversion towards brain-type
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shin of the right leg, around it the skin normal, but on the knee and entire
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*^ Arrhenius, S., Z. physik. Chem., 1899, xxxi, 197.
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that merely the connection between the left temporal lobe and both occipital lobes
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oughly cleansing the birth canal of decomposed blood-clot and mem-
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voted to the subject of treatment, niid the difTer-
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civilian practice but also to those in the Medical Corps of the
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standing, misjudgment, selfishness and injustice of the public, and no
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learning the structure and functions of the human body. Finally, a
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formed; then add about 12 gallons more of soft water and
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proof that a stricture of this nature existed. But as several
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been reported during the last few years. Ligature of the artery
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months. They have bow set themselves to insist on a thoroughly good train-
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nerve as well as of the retina is profoundly altered. Ghdezowski
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consequence loses weight, tobacco restrains that loss. Unlike alcohol, this
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found that he could return about 20 per cent, to so-
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cavallo. Arch, di psichiat. [etc.], Torino, 1894, xv, 122. —
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mechanical injury, mutual compression, etc., and can readily be
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while the brain and kidneys are but slightly affected, and in others all the
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Anyone finding an error should report it to the Secretary of the society.
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Moreover, in peritonitis the pain from pressure is proportionable
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turn to his native country he has still the most im-
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occurrence of the clonus and extensor response in poliomyelitis.
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operation, the duration of its after-treatment, and its final functional
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practice for many years, yet until the superior relaxing
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Anatomical Appeabances. — On autopsy, flexions of the uterus
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suffer a lesion, that shall implicate the nerves of motion, or of
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quent, the hemorrhage being usually small. This event generally denotes
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a few drops of essence of peppermint, having previously
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8. — This article was noticed editorially in The Journal of
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