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The most important topic that has in a number of years been

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water, heated bricks, bags of hot salt, chaff, &c. Sweating will, in

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strated by the progress of histology, than the fact, that the naked sight

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Long Nitrous Oxid-Oxygen Anesthesia : Report of Case.

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which, according to the Revision of 1880, was the quan-

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IJ grams; 10 per cent, from 1^ grams to 2 grams, and 9 per cent,

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as it docs, a s|)ecics of mosooolon, attacliinj^ the intestines to the loin*^;

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A year ago last fall I had had the charge of about fifty cases of Scar-

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resting comfortably. Temperature, 100.4' ; pulse, 124 : respir-

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operating for prolapsus with the clamp and cautery, and being,

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the sale of carbolic acid, and one of the druggists' leagues

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those cases I have made vain attempts to get hold of

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The researches conducted by several German Physicians,

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of a cyst to be made out with fair distinctness ; this was above the

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mucus that was left in the stomach, thus preparin^j^ the way

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the sphenoidal sinus than to open the ethmoidal cells, and

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gratification afforded us by the veteran orator, whose lifelong

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of an arterial branch, and thus either to infarction of the myocardium or

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ment of his jaws might betray hi:-; selfishness. —

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John C. Nevins, at his home in Summit UiU, Pa., October 28, aged

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Diagnosis and prognosis. The condition of the knee-jerk dis-

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the skin over it was normal in appearance. Temperature was

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222-05 have been recovered ; then 262-66 — 222-05 = 40-61 = loss of

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of cells and also a death of cells, so that the inflamed en-

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canal, and the obliteration of the sac. In my opinion

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idly destroy the vitality of thatjluid. 2 That the exu-

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recorded of multiple tears. The opening is usually antero-posterior, in

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by the practitioner who folds his arms, and looks on ; as it may be

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do not prevent the evolution of the disease. They pos-

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regular, and numbering from 70 to 75* beats in the minute.

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or delirium ; nausea and vomiting in some cases ; short hacking

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with the circumstances of actual practice. Let me do so for the

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