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many young hookworms in their intestines, Dr. Nicholson has made some important
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Dr. R. McBrayer, Sanatorium : I want to thank Dr. Nisbet for
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Raulin's fluid, characteristic. Cohn's solution, characteristic.
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the consideration of the relations of epinephrin to Addison's disease, it may
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the desiccation of the discharge from the raw surface left when the primary
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fore, it is very important to take all reasonable precau-
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tween the disappearance of the sore-throat and the ac-
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work, the enclosed ether — open ether sequence is not adapted for the
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Prof. Charles E. Little, Ph. D., made the presentation speech in a
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evening exacerbation terminating in a sweat — the so-called hectic fever.
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nroved; and the experimental — animals being submitted
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For the first five days patient lived on milk almost ex-
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to London, as thereby they will bo enabled to deal with
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enough to give your attention to the communication received
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15. How many visits has your councilor made you in the past year?
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©old water for eight days. The bruit in the left ventricle,
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sess the specific property of causing diphtheria, having been found in cases in which
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like membrane. (No statement in regard to the tongue in the history.)
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of the first menses. Some cases of the affection have occurred at the
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Now ready, in Svo, with Wood l-;ngravings, price 8s.
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cotton: the blister is left on for five or six hours, according to cir-
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have been preceded by hemorrhages in the walls of the stomach. The
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Konig, by two rubber membranes with an air-space between, whose form can be
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cigarette, stock selling, and other "sub-standard" advertising, is
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success. Although simpler in its technic than cryoscopy when
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case may require. Children of ten or more years, from a quarter
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sive and, almost needless to say, after this cemetery
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the same class. It has been referred to the effects of cold and moistme,
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three times. In two cases the operation was not completed, as the ovaries were
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commissioners think that there is no great danger from
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francs were at once collected among the guests, who, though they had
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1884, u. s., xiii, 577-579. — Cold (D.) La maniere de propa-
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2,001 or nearly 1% of the entire number were from puerperal
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on the fingers of both hands. We were still further surprised when
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blood. To the same purport may be adduced the facts of the
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an interesting case of this nature in a Ill-para, twenty-

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