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diffieulties were not insurmoimtable. It seemed to him that in
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" Dog's weather in which my health is wrecked." (Do.)
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ring in his hospital service in the same day, in addition to
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had cough, and w T as unable to lie down owing to difficulty of breathing.
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ployed daily, or on alternate days, in accordance with
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variety of bronchitis can be made out prior to the expectoration of false mem-
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tuted and the pulse improved markedly. Delivery was
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duced a second tube into a sinus that went up along
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to admit that children may be destroyed with impunity because they happen
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tendency to suppurate with no tendency to heal. These condi-
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pital at Mohansic, in the construction of new build-
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winded even on mild exertion. However, at times we meet with
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and Injury Prevention, Hartford. Funding for this program provided by:
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alterations of the cu'culating white corpuscles. Constitutional
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found in certain urines, and amongst others the urine of a
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of this science at that time, and the author's singularly liberal,
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We can prove that we are concerned chiefly with excitation of the nerves of
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in general dry and anaemic, e.specially in the upper
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give the same wide space of dulness, but impulse and sound are less-
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were 86% and 85.4% respectively. It has been reported
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the expression of a favorable opinion, as to the results
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of a general disease ; and ])neumonia deserved no higher classi-
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spleen, which remains permanent, and to which the term
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ness of foreign bodies when they do gain access to the appendix
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That a meeting of the Society take place on the 4th of November.
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percentage of fat. In this way we get a mixture with these pro-
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slush, which made the men vomit who had to dig it out.
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a Philadelphia hospital. The starting-point of the epi-
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His subject was “Pyelonephritis in Children.” Drs.
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