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the practice the patient had had with soft instruments he was soon able
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which we will give an outline for the benefit of those of our
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and Organology, Bacteriology, Pathology, Zoology, Embryology, Physiology^
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phragm in respiration have followed certain mathematical lines.
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enter into chloroform aujesthesia hesides anaemia of the
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pupil, the profound insensibility, or the severe spasmodic or convul-
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brilliant advances of modern surgery. There is no organ or
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cared for that they shall become strong and vigorous, is
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resembles that of the quartan inasmuch as it consists
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ization of the ; it maybe in one lobe or the
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articulations. Such a view is supported by the fact that joint changes
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ascertained. There was orthopnoea, some difficulty in swallowing, no
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method ever accomplishing the desired results. These catas-
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Fig. 3. — Case 2 (Hosp. No. 291). Hydropneumothorax. Patient prone,
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Fiissell (M. H.) Salol iu the treatment of typboid fever,
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was very questionable whether it could often be neces-
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cocci. Cantani, Slatineanu and Latapie succeeded in immunizing
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Is it Liflnensa?— Dr. F. H. Bosworth said he felt a
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sion which one felt in the town, was speedUy shaken
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The Eoyal College of Physicians of London grants the
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and hence, also, is the amiable philosopher so often obliged to
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tion of cervical muscles are absent, as a rule. The duration is brief, rarely
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maxilla, in the teeth, and the i;pper lip. The principal tender point is
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general peritonitis. Perforation sometimes happens after adhesions have
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to prevent their occurrence, whereas in marine sanita-

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