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Treatment. The general health of the patient should -be carefully

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due to foul air, as common air under pressure would not.

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stone. Their etiological relation is not at all proved except in the fol-

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ten days or two weeks, as the applications do not destroy the eggs

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its normal number of inhabitants is liable to suffer from sanitary trou-

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owing to the necessity of clearing the patients. In 11 cases

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Dr. W. F. Stevens, of Stoneharn, was elected a delegate to the Chi-

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but not so tense and quick. And we will here state, that it

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may be profuse and, fatal. The voice may be husky, hoarse or

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to do with the health conditions in Panama, but that since 1881 when

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she came, that she was sent to me. Tlie following is her history : One mornino-

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tion will not only destroy the environments for its de-

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between five and six feet, every additional inch increases the vital

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the internal situation is necessary. Theoretically,

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varieties, but of lower infectivity. They also met mth some human

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portant remedies. The brain, when excited, as much needs quiet

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by the injection of sterilized water, and then filled with two

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construction of these buildings, — the defects of which are produc-

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ought to be repeated so frequently as has been advis-

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itching is severe, and may lead to excoriations from scratching, producing

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emptied, and filled with morphine only, collected from

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for inoculation which they may desire and apply for. The

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strength are marked and progressive. The skin loses its elasticity and

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