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Inflammation may follow the primary shock from concussion — suppuration

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curred at Utica, even since your advent, bear me out in

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is drawn downward and forward from its midpoint, forming an angle of 60 degrees

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the eastern division comprises the added Andrew Mercer Eye and

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soldiers in the late w-ar with Spain. Tr. Coll. Phys. Phila..

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rious other secretions, five grains of calomel were combined

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cold water down his back at the same time. He expe-

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Removal of the Inverted Uterus. — Dr. C. G. Putnam, read before the Boston

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exact spot, and shift it an inch or two higher or an inch or two

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thology of epilepsy. Indiana M. J., Indianap., 1893-4, xii,

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He practiced in Saint Paul and, in February, 1890, came to St. Peter, where he

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heavenly world. I saw Dr. Logan a short time before his death, and he asked me to con-

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hospital, and that no part of the real or personal property

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nervous weakness or disorder remains the same, but the extent to

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inflammation of the joint, which bring about the grave

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lis and scrofula. Dr. Ozenne's thesis on cancer and syphilis oc-

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have been baptised by some indifferent name, just as we say

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One of them was at one time able to take quinine without

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To the Governors of the Royal Hospital for Diseases of the

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completely recovered. On the fourteenth day after the

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Journal of the Medical Sciences for May, 1889, as I invari-

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fellows, to follow the inspiration of their genius, without the

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with senior nursing and medical staff. A second registered nurse,

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are suggestive (a reduction from 45.3 per cent to 20.8 i)er cent in

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