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Fig. 442. Lateral view of the left cerebral hemisphere according to Dejerine. The zone of
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Next comes a paper, by Dr. Head, of Carlisle, on obstruc-
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available for sanatorium benefit for the city of Dubhn
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flanks and axillae, and often thick over the sides of the abdominal
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even so is better in the writer's opinion than in most English-
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cholera at this time, either at West End or in the neighborhood where
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potash. Mr. Bruce Clarke and himself, he said, had been
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sure if they just wanted to get me out of the way or whether
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test is well adapted to the study of the lability of the enzyme, since
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of 108°.5 F., and over in the axilla in a case of Yellow Fever, which terminated fatally
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Pyrophosphate of Iron, have a good effect' Ten grains of the former, and
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also sent for Dr. Smith, that he might see the case and
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punctures of the needle. I have, however, seen one or
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[Abstr.l: Pacific M. J., San Fran., 1895, xxxviii, 373-376.
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weighed two and a half pounds, and cried lustily at
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3) By what manner and means is such a preliminary examination to
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Graham). It was that Government which created the nineteeru
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its vessels. We come then to a discussion of previous statements concern-
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the morning, and in a very short time the boy becanje restless, and could
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who was in command of our fleet at the time and who was responsible
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tine, 322; Quarantine Procedures, 326; The Bill of Health, 327;
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part it to one of ours ? That is quite out of the ques-
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typhoid (toxic) type presents a continued fever, with the signs of the typhoid
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In cases where the sinus is operated on at the mastoid opera-
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" The report of Dr. Jones I learned about through rebel
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