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each individual. Experimental research corroborates clinical

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eye patients is to determine the refraction of each eye

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tion in which it is found in greatest abundance. As seroline has been

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Early Stage of General Paralysis," by Dr. C. F. Folsom, of Bo.s-

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ministration of tonics, haematics, cod-liver oil — the most easily

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meet. The cause, one can see, is chiefly the necessity for condensation ;

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concurring in part); Parham v. J. R. , 442 U.S. 584, 607, 99 S. Ct. 2493,

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H. Eisner,' who investigated 120 cases as to the presence of fragments

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supplied. — At Springfield, Vt., an epidemic, the name of which is not

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explain the fact that transformation of special components of tissue

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proportion to their e'egance. I also admit It is this last class which is most harm-

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tuting an examination per vaginam. He merely enjoined quietude

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the other methods, and, on the other hand, certain unpleasant

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to pass any instrument whatever into the bladder, and

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a. By spasm of the sphincteres ani, with and without fissures,

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next morning, yet without an operation he made a good

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forms ; the first is the ordinary urate, whose existence has long been

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attenuation of the lower limbs is remarkable. The thighs in particular

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of punch forceps, as recommended by Griinwald, is introduced : portions of

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investigations, I have never seen them at a period antecedent to six

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dorsi about four inches ; the upper part of the tumor

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At tlie quarterly meeting of the directors of the Naval

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stock from cattle plague in 1S65. Another point of some

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collected for analysis were pure, owing to the fact that many sweet-

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give a brief summary of a series of cases operated upon at our clinic.

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consisted of a Gaiflfe faradaic machine, Apostoli's bipolar uter-

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