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Vincent and Ida Clarke. In 1884 Drs. P. N. Kelly and W. J. Mayo, both of

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used enormous amounts of cosmetics containing lead,

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analogue of fertilization, is not a specific process of reproduction, but a

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the powers of resistance, and to association with tuber-

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last course of lectures given by the late Dr. Austin Flint, he tried to impress the

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— When roused can stand, but cannot walk, and falls over ; gasping.

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same time. The contraction of the skin is often only diminished

periactin pills to gain weight soon

1 Fractares and Dislocations, seventh edition, p. 681.

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The Action of Rennin upon Milk-Digestion.— By I. H.

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should be used only over limited areas and should never be continu-

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fair to be a valuable remedy in the " collapse" state of this disease,

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sisting of two tubes, one gliding within the other, and with this instrument

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elegant writer and j^rofound Latin scholar, has not left any

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could with ease and precision locate perforation, if the

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Whereas, We, the members of the Essex South District Medical Society,

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of the cases and in a certain number by joint-pains. As regards

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application;" 4th, "he does not, as a rule, apply a

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town and calls at my office to show me a fat, healthy baby ; the

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with the iodide, affords a much greater degree of securitv. The *' mixed treat-

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its original virulence, whereas a sub-culture from the same source

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The convalescence is often tedious ; the recovery of strength, appetite, etc.,

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Noguchi himself has found that complement paper does not retain

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and those of the present time. Seven years ago the left field was

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