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what to do until he possesses the confidence born of knowledge.

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produces an exudation of the liquor sanguinis. Should different results

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would simplify matters. It would result in a diploma being

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may be caused by the heart enormously enlarged in all its

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retracted, dull in color, and feebly movable. These

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and he has left behind him an elaborate code of sugges-

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of the gland, strangles (the disease), and injuries of all

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the subject appeared, it was foimd to emanate from several

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diverticuluiu of the tt'sophagus, occurring in a young woman.' In that case

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in the individual or his family; the most common of

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stroke, and the blood expressed from it, the excess of this blood

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jected to some additional operation — a further extension of diges-

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Virchow have also found earlier cases described which they believed

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from above downwards, this function will be affected by any transverse

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conjunctiva. Tiie portion of pipe lay about 1 inch from the sur-

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iTi mucous patches of the mouth and fauces, and says

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tro-therapeutics had fallen into the hands of an army of quacks,

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length by 0.02 mm. in breadth, and having a long cylindrical esopha-

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factory description of the results of pnlraunary incompetence.

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been almost entirely driven from the field of observation. In

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both directions, I think it not unlikely that you will

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