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(IV) One of the first complete bacteriological investigations of diph-

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instinct of the mules would guide them to their destination, they

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which has just gone into effect with the first day of this

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clots. The portal vein on the left side contained a firm reddish clot ma

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University. A biU to this effect has been introduced into the Legisla-

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Physician who would relish such labors and have a laudable ambi-

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A. Give a large dose of Castor Oil or other active cathartic,

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tion. Stimulation of the inhibitory fibers produce a

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nature of the living being and is only irritated by

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arm, and presently becomes hemiplegio ; sometimes while engaged in

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been removed twenty months previously, but the wom-

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tines are deprived of their usual stimulus. So far, there is no point on

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Second. He is to do all in his power to enlighten the public mind

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treatment of a case of Maryland M. j.. Bait.,

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through the mesentery to hold it back, aiid surrounded

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the conclusion that these cases present no distinct clinical picture, and

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ings, to investigate its peculiarities apart, and afterwards, its rela-

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meningitis present about the lumbar cord interfered bv

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life, the work, the pleasure of your human existence ; and in that triumph-

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(1.3%), urinary tract infection (1.3%), rash (1.3%), and myocardial infarction (1.2%).

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nitric acid (Heller's test) ; result negative. No zone.

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together with atrophy of the lower end of the posterior central and

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