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son of Haralld the Fair-haired. 44 When he came back

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are clearly set fortli, elegantly figured, and comprehen-

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and fourth fingers have phalanges common to them, the first

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the urethra. In recent cases of the disease the mucous membrane

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other cases, where the physical signs indicate that the lesion is due

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is an occurrence of every day's experience, it arises from

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a bronchial catarrh and mild pleurisy. The urine was absolutely normal.

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the serum of the rabbit acquired the ability of agglutinating the

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3. Large mononuclear — a cell larger than a neutrophile leuko-

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perience of mankind has amply confirmed the truth of the maxim.

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a tongue like a blanket cleaned under digitalis in two days.

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collected in the short space of eight days the immense quantity of matter

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stitches these two layers together right out to the angles of the wound ;

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temperate climes is shown by the examples, already quoted, of two

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only to the registration area and for deaths alone. Another publication

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or ulcers, iruiij receive a syphilitic inoculation, and pro-

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illustration of a city using a lake water which is infected with its own

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inarians have naturally been much interested in these products

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convalescence, usually at the end of from three to six weeks.

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opening the mouth I saw a reddish, lobular body, having its

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ence which may possibly exist between the two veratrums

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but there has been inevitable recurrence in all these

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Note. — The case, shown under the above title, did not prove

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a tulK'rculous dejmsit, these signs becoming developed, sooner or later,

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journal. The total number of applicants in the County is given as

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