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the colony is fifty years old. But now that the intercommunication

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hours was definitely abnormal, being very low at first, followed by

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ble monument to Hans Burch Gram, M.D., the pioneer of homoeo-

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AND Surgery. New York : Wm. Wood & Co., Publishers.

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when a man, and it will then be only necessary to learn the qualities of

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In fact, gentlemen, pathologists have, with respect to diseases of the

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dation of the pulse w^as thus affected, neither, on the other hand, was

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and inflammation are produced ; the capillaries of the affected part

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soldered to it, the gold wire becomes red hot, and will ignite sul-

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and producing a fracture of the right clavicle in two places. The concussion

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eruption appeared on the 20th, and was very intense in its character ;

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cal doctrine or medical practice, is a question which admits of some

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quired. From such consideration, many have been led to question

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they are said sometimes to attain to a considerable size in a very short

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am in the habit of using, and from which I have occasionally derived

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