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sions, the phenomena of vegetation are modified in accordance with the

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gentleman drew marked and renewed attention to the probable exist-

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increased in size till the palms of his hands became again coated with them.

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a joint two only are the subjects of primary inflammation,

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Oxalic acid is what would probably be termed a more deadly

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preparation of the per and proto-citrate of iron. The formula for its manufacture

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The well known sympathy between the rectum and uterus, explains the actioa

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No good arose &om the use of sulphate of iron and zinc with

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ceded by a stage of excitement, which, however, is soon passed. The

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cannot be estimated under 23,000, stationary or passing through. There were, of

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produce extreme prostration and weakness and terminate

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to determine the duration of more or less complex operations of

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next day (28th} all the symptoms of malignant cholera appeared;

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