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Fertility Depo Provera

active life of the part is impaired to the extent of the impair-

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Report of Studies on Pneumonia. By Rufus Cole, M.D., and A. R.

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borders. A patient with pericarditis who was frequently tapped

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and good judgment are demanded. The cases requiring narcotic

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minute opening. He referred to Dr. Bandon's fish-hook sound or i)robe,

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lirium, where the anemic condition prevails, and where there are

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fixed upon the body of the instrument by a copper band,

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it is nearly always essential to a good treatment, and when

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they were generally pyriform ; the small ones were some-

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in the perineum, and a desire to urinate frequently, with diffi-

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— "bad blood" — and we conclude that the blood is as dirty as

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I used this was a case of vicarious menstruation in a lady aged

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morning session of the last day of the annual meeting, at the conclusion

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upon disease of the buccal cavity will tax your credulity.

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the seat of the pleurisy, and does not extend backward along the

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"I believe that salicylic acid from wintergreen is decidedly

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ble to cause constipation. It is one of the best purgatives to use

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this medicine will repay the physician. But be sure you get a

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In bowel affections it soothes and heals and gives tone to the

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the bladder increases, the opening of the ducts becomes closed

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when it is 97.9°. In tropical regions the minimum temperature

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final result then was, that the dead of the first Doctor ar-

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tion or olive oil. Locally, ointment, liniment, or solution in oil,

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many of these cases the combination of podophyllin in minute

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difficulties become still larger if a pathologist enters into what is

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A treatment based upon the specific indications for remedies

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remain in contact with the skin. In the form of the ordinary

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keep aloof and stop their ^^Incontinentia'' for a while,

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amputation with this instrument — two arms, two forearms,

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terior nares, thin, watery, to increased lachrymal secretion. For

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and she did not suffer particularly, he wisely put her off till

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The subnitrate of bismuth is insoluble in the gastro-intestinal

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two to twelve hours, once or oftener, as indicated, until reaction

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in scriptis nil solidum." Thus thought and spoke /Sewfca,

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prove the truth of our conclusions by direct experiment.

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follows the injection at a variable interval, very soon takes the

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it irritates the stomach and bowels and causes vomiting. It is

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glomerulus. Their current of blood must also move slowly,

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lungs will be indicated by the falling of the shoulders forward,

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In the treatment of gonorrhea gelsemium exerts a desirable

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down almost out of sight during the winter and spring. So far as

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to cause an increased efflux of blood to the penis, and this,

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