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This fact, which at first glance appears to argue strongly in favor

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plants and after active growth of the connective tissue elements which

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grandmother, often sleeping with her. Pellagrin 993. K. C. aged 3 years, devel-

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demented and she was an inmate of the state hospital at Columbia, S. C., from

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the pylorus complicating the tabes. Ten months have elapsed since the last

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ing the duration of rheumatism. When it shall have been established

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Another remarkable feature of the table is the relatively high

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In the treatment of the stenosis tumultuous action may be re-

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the heart seems to stand still. Fothergill comments upon the com-

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and patient left the office after several minutes. There occurred a slight local

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a trifle above the mark, and then with the pipet held vertically the

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are capable of doing serious harm to the organism. The amount is suf-

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cause of haemophilia, and may also find its expression in epistaxis,

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progressed. They usually began abruptly, without premonitory symp

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nitrogen in each two-hour portion from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m., and in the portion

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also well to get the patient's health into a good state, as erysipelas may

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almost straight line, parallel with and very near to the septum. The

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and directed to the maintenance of the patient's strength.

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distant organ, or chronic mental depression, may also fall under this

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Passive and active movements were equally inaccurate in the left arm and

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any nerve or vessel in the neck. Very good results are often obtained

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ther, all but three of the fluidextracts (Chamaelirium luteum, Leonurus

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lying cortical tissue to be involved in the process which caused the bone

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been considered singly, that is, the influence of corn meal or of eggs,

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