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The following physicians were duly nominated to membership :

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to those of The Physician from the Regimen Sanitiitis, some four hundred years earlier (see Panel I).

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large doses, I cannot admit that my practice then Avas a mistaken one, that

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invariably fail to grasp this point, and even in repairing they sel-

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biliary canal of from one to two miUiemes of a millimetre in diameter.

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reason great care is taken to stop any oozing into the wound after

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Philip Henry Pye-Smith, M.D. Lend., 8, Bridge- street,

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Berkshire. — Action vigorous; style graceful and attractive.

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with precision. But no good ever comes from pretending to.

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a set of recommendations and goals for the Association, as

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On withdrawing the catheter it was found to be engaged until

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and occur over a period of many years. They tend, however, to become

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departure with doubt or disfavor, and not a few predicted

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crisis of a reconsideration, of which the morrow cannot be foreseen.

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— above 190,000 cases, in 113 years. These data I here give in a

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9, in Manual of Clinical Microbiology, 2nd ed, Washington,

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eyes. Two applications of an eighteen grain infusion

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moderately tuberculous, or it may even be of normal

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take place in the peritoneal coat uniting the adjacent loops of the

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means, we make use of them where the disease is protracted, sometimes

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cases of auditory vertigo. " Tympanic vertigo," says

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close 7'ooms, as in jails, d'c, a course of the oil ofTers the

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This at first may seem like " meddlesome midwifery,"

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lying vertical instead of horizontal as in the horse. The sper-

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eyes of the morbid anatomist. In a specimen of the latter

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require from us any further commendation than that which is

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an elderly lady about three years ago. It was about a

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to the loss of red cells. This solution of hemoglobin may lead to dis-

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she complained of its burning, and on April 0, 8, and 10,

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Woodward. J. S., and Dessez, P. T., assistant surgeons, ordered to

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