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been given to the patient previous to my arrival, and
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attacks of acute bronchitis. In December, 1901, sent for me —
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reply to another question saiil that the stomach was not
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substituted for boric acid solution, as a vesical lavage,
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well as in the biological immunizing sense as main-
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Reprinted from The Western Journal of Medicine, December 1994.
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The Examination of the Olfactory Sense. — An interest-
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(calcium hydroxid) results. Prepare the milk of lime shortly before
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Before full anaesthesia was obtained the breathing became weaker and
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of the thigh-bone be diseased, it is better to abstain from
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crescent-derived sphere of human aestivo-autumnal malaria, but he has not
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of this case was published in Feb., 1885 ' The kidney
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ence of liquor. Men who have a kind, lovable and char-
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(Branhamella) catarrhalis causes pneumonia in older
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ing organs (lungs, heart, bowels, iris) and subjecting to perma-
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* Canada Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. x.,p. 597. j
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incapacitated her though they kept her in precarious health.
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Two Cases of Bilateral (Edema of Nasal Septum. P.v J. F. 0'M.\lley, F.R.C.S,
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air. It is absorbed into the blood, to which it gives a brownish-black colour,
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July "ith. — Flas had occasion to take the opening mixture once
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izers to the soil is to increase the plant food in the soil. This is
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ping " in Kent is good also, notwithstanding the feeble hypnotic influence
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" A healthy man tells you that his sight, previously good, has become
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of the circulation of the blood by Harvey, which put
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than increasing the birth-rate. That tendency may be somewhat
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tions due to two kinds of parasite may coexist, while only one of
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follow with the least difficulty in the lowest organisms.
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an ever-present source of danger. A very acute, almost ful-
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self that in the most important joints of the human body the
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ties and abscesses should be the same as in abscesses in other parts
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teenth and seventeenth had a slight loas of blood several
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and bed-sores. There are various methods in use to support the patient
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Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart., and sister of Gilbert, first Earl of Minto, by whom he

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