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Europa autochthoncrArier. Cor.-Bl.d.deutsch.Gi'sell.sch.
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culosis. In the third group the type of the fever is exceedingly interesting.
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form of membrane, it is very probable lhat the other variety,
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pose was scarcely less remarkable than that of the circu-
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larly of the history of transfusion within the past decade.
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of the disease is generally acute ; the temperature may rise to 104° or
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given much- needed relief by drawing off' some of the gas.
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year 1806, he inferred from an examination of the localities that the shot
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that most valuable instrument, the curette, but only the
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ever be on the alert to note any suggestive clinical manifestations
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known will never be carried into effect, and commuted on
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piece of rubber around it with forceps and injected about ten drops of a
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the operation was deferred because of the scar that would occur ; the
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gus of a living animal. All of his attempts with these
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the poor fellow's life had slipped. 'I'he fistula was found
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vulsions, 2; debility, 5; diarrlicea, 5; dropi^y of the brain, 3; drowned, 2; dysentery, 1;
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nometers, Surgeon's Thermomete rs, and Magneto-Electrical
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tive qualities. This milk he stated, would if used, prevent many of the diseases of
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ago, illustrates how easy it is to stop short of a complete diagnosis,
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both the answers and the application, that there was nothing
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under his observation in which three generations in a direct line were affected.
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cough, also, grows more troublesome and painful, the expectoration
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Campbell (London, Ont.), are hereby appointed the committee for the purposes of said
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after apparent death for more than an hour, recovered on ex-
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italis, 2 drams. Mix and give £ part in a pint of gruel
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This series includes language materials in Belizean Creole, Ewe, Kabiye,
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upper region. At a still later period this defect may extend all round the pe-
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examination alone, without knowing anything of the his-
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considerable distance above the bifurcation, consi^ of but one piece.
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generally was anasarcous. From the 10th to the 15th, the dyspncea greatly
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adding that throughout this, as in the preceding volume, some
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hitherto received. In a report on the climatology and

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