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are scattered over the entire body ; the old ones are

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ounces of water. The dose for an adult, a tablespoonful

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lochial discharge. Splenic enlargement is common to both diseases, and is often

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adducted and flexed), succeeded by clonic flexions of the forearm, and evident

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1898, vii, .531. [ Di.scussion J, 536. . The surgical

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in the brain, witli tin; symptoms observed daring life. The future

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thorough examination showed nothing abnormal there. There is no

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form of the included viscera. Fat may also be aggregated in masses in

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before, at the time, or shortly after, the attempted in-

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explanation of the almost regular escape of certain muscles from the

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des, and some other smaller kinds of worms, to the use of aloetics, given

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the pathological deductions to be drawn from these facts seem to me to

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— are, no doubt, referable here — in part, at least.

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on in the body — oxidation. How little of this do we know at present.

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method dangerous both to the maternal tissues and the fingers of the


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must, however, be remembered that the la.xative action

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6of. for a diploma with medal, and loof. for a diploma

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by which the velocity of light has been determined.

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an ontogenetic connection exists between any of these

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izing fully the fact that a single attack had slight

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Riller, Ueber Tvpliusliiiu.sei'. Ztschr. f. Med.-Beamte,

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they feel that as the child is sick, he should at once be given medicine

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seemed simply to melt away after four or five applica-

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Mladenovac which the army authorities had duly sanctioned (March 22)

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done more decidedly, rapidly, and surely than by the action of

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provision. Dr. Paterson considers, has served a useful purpose in

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tubercle bacilli to cause typical tuberculosis in the inoculated animals.

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treal, the late James Stewart found a history of gonorrhoea in 40 per cent,

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" Early in October the discharge of pus and bile from the wound

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If he cannot take these, give him broth pretty well seasoned, jellies,

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The histological study of the kidneys of these animals has shown

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ficatione cordis.*** Cologne, Ulrich Zell, circa 1472. [Hain 7681.]

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One of Dr. Love's patients had eighteen convulsions be-

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