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which may prove helpful to some one. In preparing the patient

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sected out of its trochlea, and held on the front side of the internal

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teristic. If the pan is sprinkled with blood, whatever else may

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appointed a committee of their body to examine into the ability of the claim,

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ate in 1852. The whole number of deaths there in that time was

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rynx and soft palate close the communication of the fauces with the

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thumb turns to the right side of the pelvis, we at once pronounce

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always perceptible to the individual, even in the slight degree referred to

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reputation in natural science. He is poor, a stranger — powerless. Lot the

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which have been boasted against it. — [Med. Times and Gaz.

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dimentary pericardium was connected with the right pleura, and

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metropolitan hospitals furnish no standard by which country

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pressed at getting rid of th«s old filthy proceeding of inunction with sulphur

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with open orifices," which are the subjects of mobility. This

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evidence of their truth. Observing the multitude of pheno-

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tion to the pathologist. JSTor is it without peculiar claims to our

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to distend the sac, and to come in contact with the whole surface.

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larly of the urinary organs, by giving rise to irritation and congestion,

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the skin the pharmacopoeical tincture, choosing a different part

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men not u to the manor born,'' who heard many wholesome truths worth

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and the measure of the difference is almost exactly as fifteen to

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The great fatality which attends upon amputation of the thigh

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tion with this substance, it is a. singular fact that amyle is

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I could push sac and all up. I proceeded to open the sac : it con-

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through various agencies brought to bear upon it, that disease

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Thomas Laycock, M. D., F. R. S. E., F. R. C. P., Professor of the practice

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with its use in the second stage, bearing the more violent actions

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dissolution are hurried on; and so on through the category of

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by the term " excito-motory," it seems impossible to believe

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portunity of seeing how inadequate statutes alone are to the develop-

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the early part of his career, but by the force of his own talents and

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tion at Ann Arbor would be as much out of place as the medical depart-

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men, producing comparatively but little distress, which are equally

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as possible " — and the patient, as well as friends, settles down

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His treatment consists in lavage, disinfection, and cleansing of

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