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; Lords, May 1843), a presumption based on family-likeness was admitted by
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ing acid, with little if any evidence of cystitis present, in a frequent desire
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an affection almost uniformly limited, at first, to the apex of one lung.
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sented one in some respects " similar " is claimed by
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symptoms of tetanus occurred six to eight days later, when
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tion and metabolism of nitrogen in typhoid fever patients.]
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compared with patients undergoing only partial resection. 15
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■of laying a claim to the merit of an ufeful difcovery.
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be due to a mild clinical sign not recognized or overlooked, and the
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Cass County {JX. J>.) Xedical Association. — ^The first
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quirements - e s tabli s h e d - by-the - Gommittee on
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eff'ects that follow the excessive use of the bromides by epilep-
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Congenital pigmented, apparently benign, mole of the axilla ( Fig. 1 ) 238
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the women are enabled to obtain Professional advice and
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bones, even if they be imbedded in solid tissue, vibrate sensibly when
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in one eye. The cornea is cicatrized, but the eyeball is normal in size;
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variable, however, as many physicians report that all forms
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rule. Their children tend to drop to the level. There
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appointment except those under special regulations.
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siderable period made experiments or intravascular injections
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the fixed abnormal position which results, offers a serious impediment in preg-
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than normal, and often nucleated. The haemoglobin is diminished, the
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Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Limited 22 East 40th Street, New York 1 6, New York
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cured So striking and convincing of °nstrate the fearful general slaughter of
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due to the tumor, but to another lesion occupying the
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