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there may be some lateral inclination of the head combined with the
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bands, will be swollen, and present a deeply congested, reddish-brown
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young man, and, as it appeared, without pain. Upon the
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before her entrance. While at dinner she had been taken
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with good results. In the painful crises of locomotor ataxia
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two systems of circulation, they are both terminal.
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blood, from rupture of the small vessels, which insinuates itself
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After all, the important question for each young man to ask himself as
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nary collapse from an obstructed bronchus. (4) Pulmonary
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most astonishing quantitative reduction in electrical reactions ; no reaction
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ing tJie affection chloasma — pruriginosum pigmentosum
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En/fhemafous. — This form of the disease is not so well defined as
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a glairy opaque yellow mucus. Fallopian tubes obstructed by an atheromatous sub-
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hibition, would perhajis be surprised to learn that there
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present. I wish in this connection to state that an ovum measuring 16x11x11
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arteries are not atheromatous, and contain recent dark clots.
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interesting paper before the Section of Balneology a short time ago, but all
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next morning, yet without an operation he made a good
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tinued to extreme old age. Some change may take place
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in others are covered with points, or even thin plates of cartilage,
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lymph vessels either in the normal direction or with a
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even renowned obstetricians have met with such fatal cases of rupture
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from pains in the nose, and times when she had them
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stream of tepid water around them, and by such proceeding loosened
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destruction of lymphoid tissue suffered by such animals. Scruff, 3
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were voided with the urine, so that it was possible in
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torn open some three inches on its external aspect. I made every possible
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to him^therefore^ wine was both '^ineat, and drink and physic too."
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hospitals during the war, tend to show the desirability of small
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the ringing of bells had continued to cause a feeling of anguish.
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tology. Sometimes there are absolutely no symptoms. In
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complication of the erysipelas, no sign of disease of

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