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physician can expect as great a number of cures in a

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Fig. 50.— Pulse of an infant after ligature of the umbilical

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is probably going on all the time in the body along with pha-

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and though descri])tions of what we learned at school to

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remedies embraced in the Thomsonian System, and the

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ness. He held that in a patient whose vitality was already very

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sions over the parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes ;

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tial in emergencies. Contributions and checks should be sent and

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He came, therefore, for the first time to London, with twenty

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and is too common for the physician to say it is liver disease.

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the autumn. It was not until nearly six weeks after admission

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with results negative as to the finding of a stone. In

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typhoid (toxic) type presents a continued fever, with the signs of the typhoid

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every day, was thought to have gastro-enteritiB, with

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Drews, of Hamburg, employed tannigen in fifty-five cases of enter-

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overcoming bis exhaustion. It is t<> be observed, that although formerly

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ecchymoses. Pine or large-belled froth is also found lying over the

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The blood usually shows a diminution in the red cells, and a sliglit

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for the attack, and other treatment for permanent relief is prescribed in accord-

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prove this he first gives the result of statistical investigations by

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nual meeting of this organization was held in Florence, April

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the operation the relaxed ligaments may recover themselves.

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against her authority, and, at last, a traitor to her personal safety.

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Although this disease may be undoubtedly communicated in some way

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to the company or detachment by the Surgeon General, or by the

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When the fact of an hereditary predisposition, — the presence

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some patients preference is given to protectors, the glass being encircled with

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usual in the case of intermittent estivoautumnal infection; or there

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217-219. Alxo. transl.: Cliu. opht.. Par., 1899, v, 39-41.—

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as in the case of permanent members, but they shall not he-

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Haymond John Powers, Ogden, Utah; Thomas Joseph Ragsdale, Lone

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