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taken in excess, it only throws extra work on the organs

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the febrile stage than during the afebrile, since in the latter instance the lung

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the cord, when the womb was contracting well, and seemed in good

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and this renders it difficult to differentiate the affection from cancer of

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but frequently appear during the intervals, and are sometimes

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The spasm of the muscles is more continued in tetanus: kss

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needle. The toxine is injected intradermally, care being exercised not

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plan of treatment in Pneumonia. In the lectures devoted to the consideration of Pneu-

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posed to mental derangement, such conditions may act

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3 Treatment Strategies — Location: Jewish Hospital

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kept up by powerful voluntary act. I will also remark here, that

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sociated with epidemic diphr.heria. With the coming and

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cephalus laius), and if he does see such, it may be chiefly imported cases

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The earliest examples of Majolica were Hispano Moresque lustre

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There is no treatment especially appropriate to this affection,

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the vertical position of the limb be maintained, there appears turgescence

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rimeu tales sur la transmission ducharbon par les mouches.

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have not been encouraging. There are several remedies that moderate

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it differs much in form, color, and consistence; it is found in minute

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digestive tract, and enter the vena cava through the tho-

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frequent mictions, lost blood, and a nodule was felt in the

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curves that would retain particles of sour milk to contami-

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revealed no difference in catheter longevity. The table

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ences, or at least similar ones, are exerted by it upon these same organs.

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"very soon a reaction set in. Reports of fatalities were heard

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and cotton. For several years he was su)ierintendent of the

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drops of blood to appear at their external looking, complained of soreness over the

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pital and the representative of the Royal College of Surgeons in

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diseased stock, it having been found that such calves

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5. On a Rapid Method for the Cultural Differentiation of the

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