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nose, it extends into the salivary and buccal glands; in the

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the menopause occurred ; since, more or less ill ; and fourteen months

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mentary observations on such a plan as the following : Con-

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tom, it may be necessary for the physician to observe for himself, and not

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ing thereto the following: "Whenever any its decrease.

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the disease which this individual has had to Rigg's disease is I do

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ditions of men. The depreciation in the value of invest-

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tendency to suppurate with no tendency to heal. These condi-

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case. Pre-eminently should this be so in typhoid and

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do Pirogofl's amputation. To recapitulate, first try

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began. At first arsacetin was reached, a promising compound

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in reporting the f(>llowiDg cases, treated and managed as hereinafter

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previously closed. Another procedure is to introduce a drainage-tube, such as is used

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■whose further tenure of office was to be thus summarilv

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medical publication ever undertaken in the United States, and

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3. QuUtonian Leoiures on the Seat of the JBod^, delivered at the So^al College

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3rd. Precipitated slowly, being careful not to add too much ammo-

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Fliissigkeiten hervorgerufenen Entziindungserscheinungen.

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175. GufiRlN. The Prodromal Stage of Typhoid Fever.

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ture is an excellent remedy ; the dose is half a tea

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February 18 venesection was performed and 500 c.c. of blood replaced by

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Merck's Archives, on the use of " Carbolic Acid in Tetanus,"

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tending to provoke strain and asthenopic disorders.

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as floors, walls, beds, metal work, etc., may be efiEectively disinfected

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increased from 2.9 (1.6) at baseline to 7.1* (2.9) at 19

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of the present year ( 1839), her family physician was called to relieve

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to lead to the belief, so far as the patient was concerned, that

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phalanx ; lymphatic inflammation extended from the hand

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chronic bronchitis, that often proves very intractable, if not fa-

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BO much of it by blood-letting. On the other hand, if the morbid

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from rheumatic endocardial lesions; from other lesions of

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Koruegay. Dr. L. W. : Carrel-Dakin Solution and Paraffin Dressings in

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Parasites des fievres palustres. C. r. de la societe de biologic 1892, No. 34. De

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ago declared alopecia areata to be produced by a draft upon the back of the

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