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In other cases it is no ])uni8]iinent at all. In fact,
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per cent. The writer reports a case of a young woman of twenty-two years
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laxity or softness to the tissues, which, in consequence, have
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II pneumonia, 1 from convalescent Type III pneumonia, and 6 from
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flesh. I now excluded pregnancy, and diagnosticated
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A, B, C, and D represent Class I, namely, the parenchymatous
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cornea, penetrating into the interior of the eyeball, and then carry the
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for an uterine affection, administered a narcotic potion,
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Much is said about the universality of bathing among the Romans. The practice
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phenomena. It consists of a vivid dark crimson efllorescence, throughout
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sfmiiarto ^Zt'"^ ^'^.''k ^''f'' "•■" '° Cammidge's reaction, if it is to be taken
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irritation was prescribed, and the patient was directed to return in
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ment, of fifty cases of fracture of the elbow-joint, in which
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remark that some discretion is necessary in having recourse to
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ing cases in a couple of weeks. A creasote salicylic glycerinum
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Diagnosis. When presented with a case of coma, several possible
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The staphylococcus value of the pleural exudate in this case was 48 (index .63),
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For the month of October, 1993, the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus nosocomial infection rate in our
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certain fatty mixtures — e.g., of milk fat or cod-liver oil — are necessary
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scandalous state of things by appointing a coroner for the city at a
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been painted while De Mondeville was still living. The master is
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lishment of its cardio-inhibitory functions, is an impor-
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small, amounting sometimes to but little more than j-^ part ;
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of the Association in 1901 at St. Paul, Minn., the committee made a
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manner for study the great collections of the late Professor
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gone into her room with warm milk, thought the room " smelt like
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blood there is great danger of embolism. The admit-
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The accident is undoubtedly more common in boys than in
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