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majority of the first and second series were young females, as well as a portion

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which has been lately in "a very declining condition. In consequence of a

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show a tenacity of life sufficiently strong to resist fre-

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stone was found squeezed into the cystic duct; also a sub-

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cavity of the organ measures from 2 to 2*5 ctms. in length ; but that

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abundant in the bladder because there is more room for it. It

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sonian medicines. He accordingly requested his friends to wrap him

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his paper o;i " Common-Sense vs. Hypothetical Medica-

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5. The skin becomes pale, cold, and often moist and

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seriously consider the advisability of producing labor. I question

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asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic laryngitis, etc. Thoroughly

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tion. As noted by Epstein, 2 these holocord astrocytomas are

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animal is lurking in his path, but they are of little value if he

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the bones have been healthy, the alveolar cavity has become

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"ri-Miii-in. t-r tin- p;.-p.„,,,i.,„ ,,t \.,..,.u-, t,np.,^-..r .,„d l„-,,i,, ,,„,,, ..,.

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the pulmonary artery ; it is also heard in the carotids and as a continuou.s

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understood, and the student should accustom himself

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cases operated upon with a magnet ] Orvosi hetil., Buda-

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other cases of lung abscess or gangrene in ty[)hoid fever with

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only to die later oi blood poisoning; tor the fatal results in

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the most exhaustive text-books. The details of Mr. Stephenson's

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dinary constitutional symptoms of secondary or tertiary

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baiting. The Church of England Clergy, their superior exef-

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she may be said to have recovered, for, notwithstanding the chest com-

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The, fact that we were unable to produce haemolysis of the

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sary, but as a rule it is best to give an enema one hour before operation.

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a peculiar form of ana?mia and debility induced in tropical

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