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internal secretions of the ductless glands, it main-

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In these cases of nervous amenorrhcea the first essential is the removal

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and meninges, and subsequently by the above-described decrease of

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they take their meals. He considers this ruinous to the interests of the

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chart of the case, but will state that he immediately

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tissue of the neck, and cases of acute abscess, above recited, I have

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the congress which met last week at Philadelphia. We have neither time nor

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the fact that a purulent nasal discharge with or without some degree of nasal

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dispensaries where liquor is sold by bottle only, and conse-

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hence the names of species — A. maculopennis, A. punctipennis. The pos-

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showing the marked predominance of this parasite over all

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to the bites of rabid animals. A weak solution (10 gr. to 1 oz.

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of restoring their function as far as possible, and of preventing the contrac-

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their state or condition to this affection. The red

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and the movement of the head is v^ry restricted. The sac

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engage in it. But this application is limited ; and, I think,

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diet until the temperature has been normal for a week,

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and suggest dementia. Siu^"^ found that scores of less than

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be left without help than to have meddlesome help. On the average

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mneous membrane of the duodenum, jejunum, but chiefly of the ileum. The second

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while a student in Philadelphia, by the admirable course of instruction

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Fluid spurted out, cytology normal ; severe frontal headache for five

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Dr. R. McBrayer, Sanatorium : I want to thank Dr. Nisbet for

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Here we have quite a distinct portrait of the putrefractive changes

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considerable doses of morphine daily. In this condi-

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Significance of Frequency of the Pulse. — Mere frequency of the

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ery: Harry Sherman, California. Oration in Medicine, Frank

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Bigelow, whose later writings repeat and emphasize the

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immediate predecessors, who carried it on to the conclusion of

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collapsed cyst, stitch it to the abdominal walls, and

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teaching assures us of the far greater value of large

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manner as in the treatment of chorea minor. It is seldom of value

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