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Georgia campaign of 1864, at the General Field Hospital, Depart-

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biliary canal of from one to two miUiemes of a millimetre in diameter.

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the list of the complications of whooping-cough. — British Med. Journal, January

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and (5) data of radiography. The " Bence-Jones bodies " are

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free of charge to members of the Association. See "Association Notes" in The Med-

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Percussion : Percussion note, anteriorly and posteriorly

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amount of surface from which evaporation takes place.

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average for professional associations was 5.1, for govern-

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more than the usual amount of distress, the patient being exceedingly

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mild; but the great majority of the observers quoted in the table con-

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and treatment The changes in scoliosis include alterations in

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dence of the absorption of unchanged fat, except by histological methods

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]\[edecin an der Universitat zu Wurzburg. Flinfte umgearbeitete Au-

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Wherever tissue is being destroyed and pus is forming, drainage

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clean by irrigation of the cavity until a normal endometrium

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albuminous material in the diet 70 per cent, more protein than

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connective tissue about the joints are infiltrated and oedematous. On

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and is still more so at the decline of the disease.

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Now, what is the main difference between a physician and a trader?

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within the NIH but at other hospitals and medical centers as well.

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merchant in London, and the owner of Upton House, a beautiful

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and hi.stological similarity of the neurites observed un-

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is the only measure of the functional activity of the kidney. As we have already

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1870.] child's essays ON PHYSIOLOGICAL SUBJECTS. 651

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is also a good feature, and due notice is taken of American contributions to

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the blood and thence deposits itself in the eyes and in

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pests are innumerable and maddening, and these, though unpleasant, are

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