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Ruttimeyer has also observed the reaction in pulmonary actinomy-

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be placed in the bath at a temperature of ninety-eight degrees F., and the

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Unguentum Iodinii. Ointment. (Iodine gr. xx, iodide of potas-

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How, then, can the spread of measles be retarded ? By informing the

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sputum coincident with increase of symptoms but with negative results.

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The report of the British delegates, the Right Honorable

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one inch of the tip. It had a deep irregular fissure, with

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212. Master E. T. W., set. 14, Feb. 22, 1900. Variety, spas-

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twice normal, red cells 75 per cent, of the volume of the blood. Coagulation time de-

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ache, and anorexia were her daily compan- of pepto-mangan (Gude), was given every

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upon original capacities of the species which would be gradually developed

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notice on frost by Baron Larrey, in his account of the great retreat

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incisions, retained the normal white color. The picture

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the past 15 years have involved image quality, scan

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interesting when presented in so attractive a form as in these volumes.

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elapsed for purposes of establishing any principle.

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opened, also diffused an aroma of almonds and spices, that of cloves

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we have diagnosticated diphtheria and have used the anti-

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belonging to the typhoid state, namely, low delirium, deafness, subsultus

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been a diversity of opinion for a long time. To enter into an extended

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venesection and large doses of tartrate of antimony,

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S. scarlatincG as almost to be characteristic ; and, taken along with the

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incline us to the latter. Before deciding, however, which of these

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«j mm pa jeolcan bo p hpite apej • *j [f]mepa 5a

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are unable to control the natural volcano, we have it M'ithin

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Etiology. — This lesion, at one time believed to be of very

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believed that, although this was not one of the large

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I'olvi-liliic and ('(>llt>){c for UrndimtoH in Mccii-

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