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Phenergan Syrup With Codeine Epinephrine Bitartrate

warm baths are indicated for the spasticity. Electricity and
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Bromide of Ammonia has lately been much recommended in cases
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F.R.S., for his kindly help in the course of this investigation.
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complains of being oppressed, and is incessantly throwing off the
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the continuance, except the slight burning attending the successive break-
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men are apt to base a diagnosis of such a condition.
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with intestinal hemorrhage, immediately preceding th e
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cerebro-spinal centres is demanded to explain the altered action of the
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rously uplifted in the " Lancet's " editorial, may not utterly
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within twelve or twenty-four hours. Conflicting reports are given ;
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vote of the delegates present and voting at that session, if
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of infection in all these cases could only be traced in the
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tics, or epileptics subject to insane outbreaks, can not be taken into the
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sected. A case is reported in which a middle-aged man,
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lead to enlargement of the heart. They produce this result by giving rise
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syphilis causes isolated local losses of power, and it is
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is developing to excess the ancestral habits of the group which are
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And on the other hand when we come to study the forms of
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cases be useless. Mr. Godlee took a more hopeful view,
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mend something slightly diuretic, refreshing, and antacid to
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sential oil which is used in liniments for congestion of the
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the beginning, of that hoarse stridulous kind, which
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Canadian Journal of MediciJie and Surgery, July, 1900.
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small numbers. The lesions may be limited to the skin or may involve
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of baptisms, but the number of ordinations among the natives ;
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ever, this is preceded by some of the prodromal phenomena above con-
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ciples which should guide the sdrgeon in his dnily prnctioo. Nearly all of the very full series of
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who was seized Avith chorea the same evening. Again, von Ziemssen speaks of
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51. It is furthermore agreed, that no milk shall be sold as certified milk that is mci
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Subsequently the textiu-e of the valves becomes involved, the tissue is
phenergan syrup with codeine epinephrine bitartrate
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seems utterly valueless ; in the latter it often gives relief for
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but the continual dyspnoea fatigued her greatly. Traces of albumin
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Note. — The case, shown under the above title, did not prove
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six years the writer has seen five cases, while of pharyngeal

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