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we so often remark, when doubt has been once cast on the operation of

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* vector_l : 1st day vectors to each point (in the fixed system) */

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tional and research activities of the College’s and Mil-

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Gofman: From that day forward, yes. Edward Bauser, who was

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the whole it is a good bill, and will do much for the interests of

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with the first signs of syncope, some sympathetic by-

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influence of light and air. These should be administered

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remove it like you would a cancerous process ; if you can not remove

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The course of the affection, said the author, was essen-

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ness, and nutritive disturbances, manifested by emacia-

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able conditions which too often, after months or years

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infect the cellular tissue in contact or close proximity,

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several boards of guardians of the threatening aspect of the then

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of the entozoon were exhibited under microscopes, and Dr.

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on the one hand, and, on the other, general debility, however induced,

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and then passed into the stomach. On being taken from grass,

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is contracted or retracted. At the first subsequent visit the obstetrician

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of lepers who applied for relief at the hospital augmenting year by

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earlier period^ as Dr. Anderson (the principal medical officer) recom-

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ened and permit the albumen of the blood to drain away through

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Electrical reactions. — General diminution to both currents.

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factitious excitement of the fight. As to the medium in which

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Etiology. There has been considerable discussion whether this disease in

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yellowish and dull. Microscopic examination showed a

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usually slightly wrinkled, marked with transverse, and also

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injuries due to penetration by, and retention of, the

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Boston. [Reprinted from the Boston Medical and Surgical

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