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bined examination of the anterior portion of the eyeball and
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internally as required for jjain. The patient was bet-
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curious part is that as soon as we had gotten him out in a rock-
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insurance company cares as much about their health care
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of the lungs are particularly prone to such lesions. So also are the adrenal
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sport, to mingle among the subjects of the psychologist (so called) who, in
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CSMS has to make every effort to involve young physi-
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in one eye. The cornea is cicatrized, but the eyeball is normal in size;
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true, and that the time will come when they will not be
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Physiologists are, I believe, agreed upon the fact that the
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Dr. . Francis Delafield, of New York, delivered the
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a three per cent, solution of resorcin in oil and alcohol may be used
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vibrations in a second in any body under examination, de-
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such cases, let the morbid peculiarities of the constitution, and the
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Army Medical School — There are only two Assistant New Orleans o.oa 0.03
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evening exacerbation terminating in a sweat — the so-called hectic fever.
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rheumatism, and it is remarkable that rheumatism, usually so transient in
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a black crust, firmly embedded. This imparts a species of resemblance
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illness, until the night preceding his dissolution, it
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deprellion or excitement of the living powers ;) and we appre-
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were all off the body. Patient had been vaccinated when a girl.
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ing. Three out of five escaped. It was also more common for them to recover
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he especially quotes also a case of Dr. Watt's, in which a girl was
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might remain incorporated with the anatomical elements, become
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whole leg is a result of a spreading, is not easily to be
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to work in mills up to 40 or 50 years of age very commonly
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among the students, but one or two of which were con-
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twenty seconds in a sitting position, and dash cold
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so careful an obsener and so competent an authority as my friend Dr. Bum-
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frontal sinuses and of ethmoid bone; operation and com-
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monly found in instances of moderate degree of astigmatism with axes
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rence, coming to C, — for a lecture, — entering the chapel, — the
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Convidsion l-"its, &.c. &.c. A.nd no pruc/ical proof can be
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fection. The work d<me in this regard by the author will
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Much of our present knowledge of diseases of the heart is the outcome
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the foetus. Cases of the kind would occur to tliem all. He recalled

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