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Majesty's fatal illness and death. Tliis splendid institution,

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Four weeks later they were visited and none of them had devel-

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are extremely liable to be affected with a pigmented growth situated about

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pneumonia. There is no other disease in which the idea for combat

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instances, probably, to the disease under considera-

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[DvhUn Qxuirterly Journal of the Medical Sciencea, August.)

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In the horse, larger doses are required; although in one case

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passed through Congress called the Arrears Act. This provided

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salivation. Cardiovascular: Tachycardia/palpitations, and hypotension. Sensory :

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We find in the Articulata that each bodily segment has

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1S93. Farr, William W., M.D., Physician to the Leamy Home.

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been preserved, though the exact method of preservation is different at almost

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contracted muscle was included. I may here mention inci-

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wound with the interrupted suture and without bringing the

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length, one branch coming from the upper, the other from the lower

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1896, i, 1558. — IVelaton. TraitemHUi d'nne variete rare

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The prognosis in measles is governed chiefly by the mildness or

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swallow, and paroxysms, if they occur at all, are very mild. Decroix

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invariably fail to grasp this point, and even in repairing they sel-

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the book which can profitably be left out. It is impossible, were

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been reported during the last few years. Ligature of the artery

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with loco poisoning. Incidentally, it would appear from our work

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nal carotids and vertebral arteries. Corresponding veins ac-

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teachers of nursing and superintendents of hospitals.

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and on either side of the membrane connecting it with the

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least for the time being. Whether in the event of her

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hand, foreign bodies; on the other, a numerous series of affections

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