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cases, with 16 hernias, 11 of which required operation. Similar reports
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prominent in the association or even connected with it in atiy
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and the biting shaft of the satirist. Where is the difficulty }
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times a day. For the purpose of finding what influence, if any,
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2d. These masses of lymphoid tissue involving the pharnyx rise to the dig-
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scriber. The Royal party was met at the Infirmary by
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ing internship at Minneapolis General Hospital since
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are mitral disease and emphysema. (8) Experimentally it is difiicuit to produce
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Case I. — Gentleman, fifty- three years of age, suffering
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stantiates the fact by saying: "I had one patient who
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to lesions in many parts of the body. The location of varices
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Tliat the disturbance of the circulation which we have been
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Society, Cocain is antitoxic to chloroform so far as the latter
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of one or more ribs. It will be observed that in all
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in which there is anaesthesia with gangrene of the toes. It seems to be a
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just position of inferiority in which tlie assistant-surgeons
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serous tissues — verj- tou^jli for its tenuity —
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the bladder. A full divulsiou was tlien made, and the instru-
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Interesting in the latter connection are the cases seen during
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or length of stay (P=0.463). While the influence of risk
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heard both in front and at the back of the chest ; and also a less
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sistance, and we determined to prevent the supervention of the cerebral
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ally followed by swelling extending up the arm. and
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of 52 children whom he tested with the Point Scale at the
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in several there were some very decided laryngeal symp
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and 561 deaths, or 56 per cent. ; and Castellamare, 245 cases,
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To-day it is — from 1870 onward — that we see the
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court a position as medical advisory counsel while appearing
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work ; and it is to be hoped that all public bodies — the Army
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these 16 form a part — namely, one-tenth — and success
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seph McEarland, M.D. Svo, 621 pages. Illustrated. W. B.
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build a convalescents' retreat for tho Presbyterian Hospital of
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slowed, and a strain is thereby thrown on the heart. But these \

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