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3d. External pterygoid muscles were educated in two

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respective productions — that of the former being a "resume of

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and the great importance of obtaining some of the secretion by massage

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Not long since, in a court of law, Fig Juice was acknowledged to be

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preference to either reposition or delivery by forceps. Chloroform has

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distortion of the spine, and no tenderness over any part of it.

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curative value. It must not be forgotten that only a comparatively

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Vaginal ovariotomy has not been done as often for the removal of

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numbered 4. On April 15 Dr. Agnew detected a boy, aged

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Chabert's, is in great repute. It contains turpentine, but is still

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dispensary a second time, unless the patient should bring

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initial high temperature, vomiting, sore-throat, fol-

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whether a blind child is or is not mentally defective before

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six months. (7). Clinical Medicine, one course, six months.

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bandages, until the inflammatory action (always neces-

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to in 10 of the 19 cases. In one case the "globe is

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ment of the urethra; laterally, it is also firmly attached to the rami of the

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tbe eye. J. Trop. M.. Loud., 1898-9, i, 43-46. Also: Brit.

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In this way. Profs. Bischoff and Fehling have very accurately de-

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not genera, are included under the term D. penetrans, and there is

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patient is lying down, and will generally be found to disappear as the patient

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cent, and the foetal mortality at fifty per cent. This corre-

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I to 10 per cent, of the commercial formaldehyde and ascribes to its

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recorded, but might conceivably be met with in lesions of either anterior

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education than to suppose that a man can learn his Profes-

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tion in which it is found in greatest abundance. As seroline has been

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or sjiortening of a tendinous cord, may be conceived capable oi

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of organic forms occasioned by the external conditions of existence.

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fades away; the majority of cases recover in from four to

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small motile rosettes were found. On May 11th the tube showed many

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stimulants Tvere the most useful remedies ; chloral and opium

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