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in the frequent use of cold water. The radical plan is to obliterate
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make a man wise enough to pronounce confidently upon the
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the 2d of April there was dulness over both sides of chest, anteriorly from the nipple
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number and equipment, the "invincible armada," with which Philip of
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evidences of malignant or constitutional disease. On the right
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can anything resembling eclampsia be produced by ligature or thrombosis
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the latter case, there may be abnormal«x>mmunicationi3 between differ-
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to be given after the employment of emetics or the stomach-pump to effect
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Treatment.— Quinine has been advised and given m large doses,
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cium chloride. When the amount of lecithin, or venom lecithid,
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doubt in all these cases there was some antecedent history, of perhaps
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It is certainly true that the temperature of the air
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in both eyes, both removed, and no intervening tissue involved ;
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•with encl.) — Kentucky, Dr. C. H. Spill man— Lou isia na, Dr. E.
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apply this proverb to modern surgery and then speak of the shades
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Though rare, is practically the same in the ox as in
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attribute the maintenance of the normal blood-pressure to the
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which he carried his stock in trade, consisting of roots and herbs, say-
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wrong in thinking that the majority of scientists nowadays lean to
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If after a battle, while the decks are occupied by many wounded, bad
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eczema. However he claims that it is now the most efficient pow-
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to sympathy. Is this satisfactory ? To me I confess it is not, and itr
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Dr. Abiel W. Nelson was born in Lakeville, Mass., August
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the umbilicus to the anterior superior spinous ]iro-
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— within reasonable limits. Much of the benefit of driving, of fan-
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through the formation of a phlegmon and pressure on the vagus
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the caecum. The patient had had two attacks of pleurisy,
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prisms of only two degrees each, have complained of the spherical
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premature delivery at eight months. Was attended, I think, by a local phjrsi-
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time to time, the hands were violently jerked, and whatever he might happen
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F.R.C.S. llacteriologiil—ilr. Houghton, F.R.C.S. Medical Pciiistrar—Uiaa Appel, M.B.. B.S., B.Sc.
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